1. AFID accepts into full membership those national organizations from any Asian country, whose objectives are similar to those of the Federation.

2. There are three categories of members :
  • Full Member
    1. Any national organization or government agency having similar objectives to those of the Federation
    2. If there is more than one organization from the same country applying for membership, the first organization to join shall remain a full member until such time as the various organizations in that country could form a single national organization.
    3. There shall be only one full member per country. Should there be any country which is not united, each entity may apply for full membership until that country is reunited. The opposing entity shall have no veto power over the other entity's entry.
    4. Any full member whose country becomes united shall have the option to remain as a full member.
  • Associate Member
    1. Any organization in Asia where there is already a full member.
    2. Any organization outside Asia.
  • Honorary Member
    1. Any organization or individual whose contribution to the work of the Federation is considered by the Executive Board to be of great importance.
    2. Their number at any time shall not exceed seven.
    3. Honorary membership shall be for Life.

3. Full and associate membership are conferred to organisations that fulfill the criteria of membership, and are not the prerogative of any individual. Organisations representing the countries may nominate or change their representative at their discretion.

4. Applications for membership will be reviewed and recommended by the Membership Committee, and be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

5. Members fees are as follows :

  • Admission fee : US $200/-
  • Annual membership fee : US$100/-
  • The admission fee shall be twice the amount of the membership fee.
  • Associate members shall pay half the fees paid by full members both for admission and annual membership fees.
  • The amount of fees may be changed by the Executive Board with approval of the General Assembly.
  • Arrears of membership fees shall lead to a lapse of membership.
  • The financial year of the Federation shall be from 1st January to 31st December of each year.

Membership Application/Update Forms