Year Venue Theme of Conference
1st 1973 Manila, Philippines Hope for the Retarded in Asia
2nd 1975 Tokyo, Japan Rights of the Mentally Retarded
3rd 1977 Bangalore, India Mentally Retarded in a Changing Society
4th 1979 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Integration in Our Community
5th 1981 Hong Kong Resources and Personnel Training
6th 1983 Indonesia Towards Independent Living
7th 1985 Taipei, Taiwan Growing in Wisdom: The Mentally Retarded Person in Asia
8th 1987 Singapore Vision 2000: Perspectives & Challenges
9th 1989 Bangkok, Thailand Quality of Life for the Mentally Retarded
10th 1991 Karachi, Pakistan New Horizons in Caring and Sharing
11th 1993 Seoul, Korea Global Harmony for Human Equality
12th 1995 Colombo, Sri Lanka An Asian Perspective towards the 21st Century
13th 1997 Dhaka, Bangladesh Rights of Persons with Mental Retardation / The Role of Government Agencies in Asia
14th 1999 Kathmandu, Nepal Strategies for Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Mental Retardation
15th 2001 Manila, Philippines Inclusion: From Vision to Reality, Policy and Action
16th 2003 Tsukuba, Japan Empowerment and Full Participation
17th 2005 Jogjakarta, Indonesia A Concerted Effort
18th 2007 Taipei, Taiwan Universal Design Environment  
19th 2009 Singapore Towards Holistic Development
20th 2011 Jeju, Korea Passing from Freedom to Happiness  
21st 2013 New Delhi, India Towards Dignity & Quality of Life
22nd 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka A Place for me Under the Sun