AFID : Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities
Date : 15-04-30 09:37
We’ll pray for each and every person of Nepal
 Name : AFID
Hit : 5,793  

Dear AWMR Nepal


In this moment of grief, sitting far from you, we can just feel the pain with which you are passing through. We became to so worried about AWMR Nepal’s safety when we heard the news about Kathmandu, Nepal.


AFID members all believe that AWMR Nepal people - who has disability, staff and their family - are very safe.  If there are injured people in AWMR Nepal, we hope they are getting better and recovery quickly. We All hope disaster in Nepal will be going to quickly rebuilding.


We convey our deepest condolences with people who lost their lives. 

And we’ll pray for each and every person of Nepal who is affected with disaster.



Sincerely yours,

Dr. Won Kyung Kim

Secretary General, AFID