AFID : Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities
Date : 15-03-19 15:53
Call for Papers!
 Name : AFID
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Dear Members.

We pleased to announce the launch of Asia-Pacific Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, new online, and a high quality open access, peer-reviewed- interdisciplinary journal.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 
ISSN: 2383-7438  
Vol.1. No.3

19 May 2015: Paper Submission Deadline 
6  June 2015: Acceptance Notification
30 June 2015: Publication 

ISSN: 2383-7438 

Vol.1. No.4       
17 Oct 2015: Paper Submission Deadline 
7   Nov 2015: Acceptance Notification 
30 Nov 2015: Publication 

Please note that submissions are accepted through the online submission system on:

If you have any queries, please contact us at the following email address :



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