1973. 11. The Asian Federation for the Mentally Retarded (AFMR) inaugurated under the auspices of UNESCO; Manila, Philippines
1973. 11. 1st Asian Conference on Mental Retardation (ACMR); Manila, Philippines [Theme: Hope for the Retarded in Asia]
1975. 2nd ACMR; Tokyo, Japan [Rights of the Mentally Retarded]
1977. 3rd ACMR; Bangalore, India [Mentally Retarded in a Changing Society]
1979. 4th ACMR; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [Integration in Our Community]
1981. 5th ACMR; Hong Kong [Resources and Personnel Training]
1983. 6th ACMR; Indonesia [Towards Independent Living]
1985. 7th ACMR; Taipei, Taiwan [Growing in Wisdom: The Mentally Retarded Person in Asia]
1987. 8th ACMR; Singapore [Vision 2000: Perspectives & Challenges]
1989. 9th ACMR; Bangkok, Thailand [Quality of Life for the Mentally Retarded]
1991. 10th ACMR; Karachi, Pakistan [New Horizons in Caring and Sharing]
1993. 11th ACMR; Seoul, Korea [Global Harmony for Human Equality]
1995. 12th ACMR; Colombo, Sri Lanka [An Asian Perspective towards the 21st Century]
1997. 13th ACMR; Dhaka, Bangladesh [Rights of Persons with Mental Retardation: The Role of Government Agencies in Asia]
1999. 14th ACMR; Kathmandu, Nepal [Strategies for Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Mental Retardation]
2001. 11. 15th ACMR; Manila, Philippines [Inclusion: From Vision to Reality, Policy and Action]
2003. 08. 16th ACMR; Tsukuba, Japan [Empowerment and Full Participation]
2005. 11. 17th ACMR; Jogjakarta, Indonesia [A Concerted Effort]
2007. 11. 18th ACMR; Taipei, Taiwan [Universal Design Environment]
2007. 11. The Asian Federation for the Mentally Retarded (AFMR) changed to the Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID) and
the Asian Conference on Mental Retardation (ACMR) to the AFID Conference; Taipei, Taiwan
2009. 11. 19th AFID Conference; Singapore [Towards Holistic Development]
2011. 08.  20th AFID Conference; Jeju, Korea [Passing from Freedom to Happiness]
2013. 10. 21st AFID Conference; New Delhi, India [Towards Dignity & Quality of Life]
2013. 10. The AFID Permanent Secretariat transferred from Singapore to Seoul, Korea; New Delhi, India 
2015. 10. 22nd AFID Conference; Colombo, Sri Lanka [A Place for me Under the Sun]